In Andalusia, southern region of Spain we have the town of Villafranca of Cordoba, where PINO Cocinas & Baños uses their current facilities since 1995.
Currently we are a family owned company managed by the second generation. We count with a staff of more than 60 people with an average age among 30 and 40 years. Youth, experience and professionalism meets with a target of offering the best custom care, an efficient service, a quality product according to the new tendencies and on an affordable price.

Our company has the main priority, the concern about the quality and the added value; and to make it happen we have invested in the most advanced technology during the last years. With more than 55.000 m2 prepared with the latest machinery, an open and dynamic organization, respectful with the environment and committed with the region´s and its members development; has has positioned us as one of the pioneers company among our sector in our country.

We consider our clientage part of us, as we are joint by a long-lasting and stable relationship which is the best guarantee of our professionalism. Our capacity of adaptation to your needs and our constant support is what makes us different from our competitors in a general panorama where quality, price and service are taken for granted and should not be considered as a fact of distinction. Our network covers the whole national market and operates in specific markets of Portugal, France, South America, Qatar, and Pakistan among others where we are in full expansion.

AMC event at SICI Espacio Cocina 2019

30th of January, while Espacio Cocina SICI is taking place this week, we are sponsoring an event organized by Asociación de Mobiliario de Cocina (AMC). It will be held on the Central Market of Valencia. A meeting point among members of the association and clients. See you there.

Interior design and Decoration Students Event in SICI Espacio Cocina

We’re sponsors of an event with Interior Design and Decoration Students in SICI Espacio Cocina. Organised by Asociación de Mobiliario de Cocina and Feria Valencia and participating EASD València, Escuela de interiorismo Nuevo Estilo, ESNE Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Insenia Design School and Madrid Universidad Europea . Will take place the 30th of January. See you there!

Latest Novelties

Our clients have been already informed of the novelties from our newsletters. We highlight some new units for Gola range and the inclusion of the hidden hangers directly from the factory to make easier the work of the fitters.