Organization and Philosophy

Since its beginning as PINO Furniture, its labour and philosophy have been focused on customer satisfaction. The seriousness and confidence in the realized work, a good team who relies on his labour, in his formation and his experience, facilities with the latest ultramodern technology and a clear bet to continuous improvement, make PINO today a recognized and pioneer company in the professional sector of the furniture in Spain. We consider our customers part of our organization.We can understand each of our customers as we are joined to them by a lasting and stable relation that we consider to be the best guarantee of our professionalism.

AMC event at SICI Espacio Cocina 2019

30th of January, while Espacio Cocina SICI is taking place this week, we are sponsoring an event organized by Asociación de Mobiliario de Cocina (AMC). It will be held on the Central Market of Valencia. A meeting point among members of the association and clients. See you there.

Interior design and Decoration Students Event in SICI Espacio Cocina

We’re sponsors of an event with Interior Design and Decoration Students in SICI Espacio Cocina. Organised by Asociación de Mobiliario de Cocina and Feria Valencia and participating EASD València, Escuela de interiorismo Nuevo Estilo, ESNE Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Insenia Design School and Madrid Universidad Europea . Will take place the 30th of January. See you there!

Latest Novelties

Our clients have been already informed of the novelties from our newsletters. We highlight some new units for Gola range and the inclusion of the hidden hangers directly from the factory to make easier the work of the fitters.